TrackOne Studio has developed a process to allow the moderation and migration of academic result data from Schoolbox or Canvas (the 'LMS') into the TASS and Synergetic database (the 'SIS') via the Learning Analytics Suite.

There are two licences available:

One-way Sync license (PULL license):

Results are entered into the LMS and pulled into the Learning Analytics Suite.
Calculations may be performed to the incoming data in the Learning Analytics Suite.

Two-way Sync license (PUSH license):

Results are entered into the LMS and pulled into the Learning Analytics Suite, where calculations and/or moderation may be performed to the incoming data in the Learning Analytics Suite.

These results are then pushed into the TASS or Synergetic database.

This process reduces the time required for teaching staff to calculate overall criteria, pastoral, and subject results as well as reducing the time required, and errors that occur, when staff manually move results between the school's Learning Management System and Student Information System.

Student Markbook sample:

Markbook screens

When a school has been set up with a one-way or two-way sync license, further screens become available to view and manage LMS data.

Note that depending on your setup, some screens may not be required at your school.

A summary of these screens is provided below, and explained in detail in other documents within the Markbook solutions section.

Class Markbook

Teachers can access their Class Markbooks to see the LMS results within the Learning Analytics Suite.
Your school may have requested that the Learning Analytics Suite performs further result calculations to the LMS results, which display here.
This is also where moderation on these results can be done, if your school has requested this feature. Once moderated, teachers submit their entries to mark as complete.
Required Permission: “Markbook – Teacher View”
Student Markbook

Teachers can access individual student Markbooks to see their LMS results within the Learning Analytics Suite.
Required Permission: “Markbook – Teacher View”
Markbook Submission

Where moderation to Class Markbooks is allowed/required, this screen provides a summary of the submission status of each classes, and can be viewed, edited and approved by users with the associated permissions.
Required Permission: “Markbook – Head of Faculty – Manage Status”
Markbook Sync

This screen displays so long as the manual sync option is configured. It allows users to manually manage the process of transferring Markbook results to the school’s Student Information System.
Required Permission: “Markbook – Manual Synchronisation”
Criteria Comparison

The Criteria Comparison tool allows users to check that Markbook results have a matching storage location in the Student Information System and so will synchronise correctly.
Required Permission: “Markbook – Manage Codes”
Automatic Sync Logs

This screen displays so long as the automatic sync option is configured. It displays the synchronisation details where an automatic sync is set up.

Continuous Markbook Synchronisation

At the beginning of every year, and possibly every semester, access this screen to set up the Markbooks to be viewed in the Learning Analytics Suite.

This is the main place for school administrators to manage your Markbooks, such as which year levels should display in each Markbooks, which subjects, whether moderation is required, how they should sync to a SIS (for two-way sync licenses).
Schoolbox/Canvas Sync Setup

This screen contains the connection details between the LMS and the Learning Analytics Suite, and is first set up by a TrackOne team member during the implementation process.

These settings should be reviewed on occasion and edited if required.
Sync Log Files

Administrators can check the 'Sync Log Files' tab regularly, to monitor for any issues from the sync.

Markbook Usage

Set up your Markbook/s for each term/semester. (Tip: copy the previous one and edit).
Administration > Configuration > Continuous

If you are pushing result data into TASS or Synergetic, check the Criteria Comparison early and regularly for any mismatches between the two systems.
The result period must be set up in your Student Management System for the comparison between the two systems to occur. Also, a sync from the LMS must occur before this screen is populated.
Analytics > Class Markbook > Criteria Comparison

View the LMS results in the Class Markbooks and/or the Student Markbooks.
Moderate / submit as required.
Analytics > Class Markbook > Class Markbook

If teachers are moderating results, review and approve as appropriate.
Analytics > Class Markbook > Markbook Submission

Sync the Markbook results into TASS/Synergetic when appropriate (if not using an automated sync).
Analytics > Class Markbook > Markbook Sync

Troubleshooting Tips

If data is not syncing from the LMS correctly, check the following:

  • Check the network Task Scheduler settings. Your IT department can assist if required.
  • Check the Sync Logs in TrackOne. Warnings will display for any part of the sync process if a problem exists.
    Administration > Data Synchronisation > Schoolbox/Canvas Sync Setup > Sync Log Files