Introduction to School Results

The School Results subtab contains internal academic results, which are drawn from the school’s Student Information System (SIS).

  1. Click Student Results, followed by School Results to begin.
  2. To search for a student, enter the whole (or part) of the student’s code, family name or given name. Then click Find Student.
  3. If more than one student matches the search, they will be listed in the table shown.
  4. Select a student by clicking the green arrow, then click Load Student.

School Results → Academic Summary

  1. The Student Details area is a brief overview of the student.
    Note: The fields are customisable and may include Boarding, Scholarship, ESL, NCCD status, etc. Please contact TrackOne Studio for the setup of additional fields.
  2. In the bottom right hand corner of Student Details, there is the option to view a snapshot of the student’s External Results. Click the ‘+’ icon to open.
  3. The Current Enrolment area lists the subjects the student is currently enrolled in.
  4. The blue horizontal menu bar enables the user to move between areas without changing the student.
  5. The Transcript lists the student’s academic and pastoral results for each historical period. Click View Details to display additional information such as sub-criteria results and comments.
  6. The GPA History contains the overall GPA and Effort result (if available) for each historical period. Click Show Cohort Comparison to view the average GPA cohort result.
  7. Click the green icon to export these tables out into Excel.
  8. The GPA History Chart displays the student’s overall GPA for all available result periods. Click Cohort GPA to overlay the average result for the cohort for each period.
  9. The Engagement History chart displays the student’s overall Engagement for all available result periods. Click Cohort Engagement to overlay the average result for the cohort.

School Results → Academic Detail

  1. Using the blue horizontal menu bar, move to Academic Detail.
  2. GPA Comparison Summary is a Box and Whisker plot, showing the median, quartiles, range and interquartile range for a set of data values. GPA Comparison Summary plots the student’s result (blue dot) within each subjectrelative to their cohort. Clicking on an individual subject will produce an additional chart
    below (displaying the sub-criteria results within that subject).

  3. Student Subject History charts the student’s results in a subject over time. To add a new subject to the chart, select the subject from the drop-down box and click the ‘+’ icon.