External Results

The External Results section (under the Student Results area) contains information about the student’s performance on external assessment items.

This area may be accessed from the Main Menu (above) or the blue horizontal menu bar. The Main Menu will require the user to search for the student again, whilst the blue bar will automatically populate the page with the currently selected student.

External Assessment Summary

  1. The blue horizontal menu bar enables the user to move between areas without changing the student.

  2. Assessment Results shows all external results that are available for the selected student. The user may move between provider’s using the drop-down field.
  3. Student Position shows the student’s ranking in Literacy and Numeracy relative to their cohort. The ranking is calculated based on external assessment items as set up by the Learning Analytics Suite administrator.
  4. Result History shows the student’s results on an assessment item over time. The student’s results are in blue, whilst the cohort’s average result is in red. Different assessment items and sections may be chosen using the drop-down fields.

  5. Result Distribution is a Box and Whisker plot, showing the median, quartiles, range and interquartile range for a set of data values. Result Distribution plots the student’s result (blue dot) on the assessment item to their cohort.

  6. Student Rank is another depiction of the student’s position relative to their cohort on the assessment item. The green line represents the average result. Hovering the mouse pointer over a result bar will reveal the student’s name and result.

    Note: Users should be aware that if the student achieved the same result as other students, they will be positioned first in this group. As above, the student is positioned first in the group who achieved a band result of 9.