Introduction to Class Overview

The Class Overview component is similar to the Class Summary, in that it allows teachers to view a summary of data for students enrolled in their class.

  1. Select the Year Level, Subject and Class, then click Find.
  2. The latest result is shown, as well as the results for the previous period. The coloured arrow indicates whether the student’s performance has improved or declined since the previous period.
  3. The student’s results can be compared to those in other subjects.
  4. The students’ results are colour coded, with green representing the ‘A’ range, blue representing the ‘B’ range, yellow representing the ‘C’ range, etc.
  5. The latest available external assessment results are displayed.
  6. The Student Details fields may be brought through onto this page as colour-coded flags. The legend is displayed in the top right-hand corner of the table and the flag is positioned under the student’s name.

    Class Overview Advanced

  7. There is the option to select which subjects will be used for comparison. Click on the ‘+’ icon next to the Select Like Subjects to expand the menu.
  8. There is the option to select which external results will be used for comparison. Click on the ‘+’ icon next to the Filter External Assessments to expand the menu.
    Note: The colour-coding of external assessment results may be changed. Please contact TrackOne Studio for assistance with this setup.
  9. Click a Student’s ID photo to view their individual student page.
    Note: Results may be sorted by clicking on the column heading. Clicking the heading once will order the data from smallest to largest. Clicking the heading again will order to data from largest to smallest.
  10. These results may be exported out into Excel.