Result Monitoring

NAPLAN Analysis allows for further analysis of the school’s NAPLAN results. 

  1. The blue menu bar enables the user to move between the areas within NAPLAN Analysis. The pages will refresh as the user moves between tabs (meaning the assessment item will not stay the same). The first tab looks at Result Monitoring, which indicates students with disparity between their NAPLAN band results.
  2. Select the assessment and result year.  For instance, NAPLAN Year 9 à 2019.
  3. Select the number of points by which to measure band disparity (In this example, the user is looking at the Year 9s who sat NAPLAN in 2019. The application is returning those students whose results differ by 3 or more bands).
  4. These results may be exported out into Excel.

State Comparison

The second tab on the green menu bar is State Comparison, which indicates the school’s position relative to the state and national averages.

  1. Use the blue horizontal menu bar to move to State Comparison.
  2. Select the assessment item (e.g. NAPLAN Year 9).
  3. For each section (Spelling, Grammar, Writing, Reading and Numeracy), the school’s results are measured against the state and national average.
  4. The heat map legend is displayed in the bottom left hand corner, whereby:
    • A percentage difference of >5% is shown in bright green;
    • A percentage difference of 2 to 5% is shown in light green;
    • A percentage difference of 0 to 2% is shown in fawn;
    • A percentage of difference of 0 to -5% is shown in orange; and
    • A percentage difference of <-5% is shown in red.