Turning On Subject Weightings

  1. Select Administration from the top of the left-hand task panel.
  2. Select Configuration, followed by Application.
  3. Select the year levels for which you would like to apply subject weightings.
    Note: Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Configuration when complete.

Loading the List of Subjects

  1. Select Subject Setup, followed by Subject and Period.
  2. Select the result period for which you would like to set up the weightings. Use the green arrow on the left-hand side to select the period.
  3. Click Synchronise Subjects with Database (second icon).
    Note: Hold your cursor over the icon to reveal the icon title.
  4. The following drop-down menus will appear.
  5. Select the year group for which you would like to set up the weightings (e.g. All Years).
  6. Click Synchronise.

Option One: Entering the Subject Weightings Manually

  1. A list of subjects (based on the chosen result period and year level) will load.
    Note: Each subject will have a default weighting of -1 (this indicates that no weighting has been applied).
  2. There are two options when entering the subject weightings, the first of which is to manually enter the weighting into the Subject Weighting box.
    Note: Once a weighting has been entered, simply click on the next text box and the weighting will save.
  3. If there are any subjects you wish to exclude from the calculation, tick the Exclude from Calculation box.

                                                    Repeat this process for all relevant year levels.

Option Two: Load Timetable-Based Weightings

  1. The second option is to load the weightings based on the number of times the subject appears in the timetable. Begin by clicking Load Approximate Weightings (the third icon).
  2. The following will appear: click Load Approximate Weightings.

  3. The approximate weightings will be loaded for review.

  4. If you are happy with the weightings, click Copy All Approximate Weightings to Final Weightings (fourth icon).

Copying Subject Weightings Between Result Periods

Once weightings have been set up within a result period, these may be copied to a new period.

  1. Begin by selecting the result period you are working on using the green arrow on the left-hand side.
  2. Select the Copy Subject Properties Icon (second last icon).
    The following drop-down will appear.

  3. Select the year level for which you wish to copy the weightings.
  4. Select the result period you wish to copy the weightings from.
  5. Click Copy Properties.