The following guide explains how to upload NAPLAN results.

The csv file for upload should be formatted like this:


Student IdFamily NameGiven NamesGrammar & Punctuation ScoreGrammar Proficiency LevelWriting ScoreWriting ParticipationWriting Proficiency LevelReading ScoreReading ParticipationReading Proficiency Level

  1. Select Administration from the top of the left-hand task panel.

  2. Select Result Entry, followed by Bulk Upload.

  3. Select the Provider and Assessment Item. Then select the Calendar Year and Term in which the test was taken.

  4. Click Browse, then select the relevant csv file.
    Note: The file type must be CSV.

  5. Choose the basis on which you wish to match the students in the spreadsheet to those in the Suite. TrackOne Studio recommends matching on Student ID if possible, though if the spreadsheet does not contain Student IDs, select Match on Name.

  6. Click Load Results.

  1. The spreadsheet will now have loaded and may have attempted to match column headings with the data in your file, but this must be checked.
    Use the drop downs in each header to select which type of data is contained within the column.

  2. If there are any blank rows/rows to be ignored, tick Ignore using the far left-hand column.
    For instance, as shown in the example above, the row containing the headings (Unique ID, Family Name, Given Name, etc.) can be ignored. This is because these headings have already been selected from the drop-downs, which will see that they are included in the upload.

  3. Click Validate and Save Results.

  1. If the spreadsheet has uploaded successfully, a green tick icon will appear (underneath the Validate and Save Results button).

  2. If the spreadsheet has not uploaded successfully, a red error message will appear under the Validate and Save Results button. This often occurs where the Suite has failed to recognise a student (often because of an error in the student ID number or duplicate students with the same name).

  3. Scroll down to find the student (the same red error icon will appear next to their name).

  4. Enter the correct Student ID in the blank field provided, then click the Manual Student ID option.
    Or select the correct student from the options where multiple possible matches are found.

    HINT: It can be useful to keep a separate tab open to search for correct student ID numbers.
    Duplicate the current tab, go to Analytics , then Student ResultsSchool Results.

    From here, use the search area to locate the student.

  5. Click Validate and Save Results. The green tick should now appear to indicate that the spreadsheet has been uploaded successfully.

Tip: Don't forget to check Administration > External Assessment > Assessment Filtering to make sure these results display in the screens you want them to.