Bulk Synchronisation

  1. Select Administration from the top of the left-hand task panel.
  2. Select User Management, followed by Users.
  3. Click Students on the blue horizontal menu bar.
  4. Click Bulk User Synchronise. The following page will load.

  1. Select the username creation method. There are numerous methods for creating the usernames.

    Note: Please use the same username method that is used as the login for the school network. If students login to the network via the username format ASmith, this is what should be selected from the drop-down. If unsure of which method to select, please contact TrackOne Studio before proceeding.

  2. If LDAP authentication is enabled, select Auto generate random password. The application will ignore the passwords that are generated, meaning students will be able to login via the same password they use to access the school network.

  3. It is recommended that students be assigned the lowest level of access (Student Security).

  4. Finish by clicking Synchronise Users.