Manually Creating a New User

  1. Select Administration from the top of the left-hand task panel.
  2. Select User Management, followed by Users.
  3. Choose the relevant user group from the blue horizontal menu bar.
  4. Click Add New User. The following form will then load.

                                                    In this example, a new Staff Member is being added.

  1. Enter the staff member’s username.
    Note: This must be the same username that is used to access the school network.
    For example, if the staff member logs into the school computers via the username MBrown, this is what should be entered into the username field.
  2. Enter a password for the user. This may be any combination of code. If LDAP is enabled, the application will ignore the password that is entered. It will instead use the same password that the user enters when accessing the school network.
  3. Enter the staff member’s teacher code, name and email.
  4. Select an appropriate role for the user. This role will determine the level of access that they have to the components within the Suite:
    The lowest level of staff member access is Teacher Security.
    The highest level of staff member access is Administrator Security.
  5. Finish by clicking Save New User.