Creating your Reporting Periods

The Suite draws your reporting periods directly from your Student Information System. These reporting periods can be set-up in the Suite individually for each year and period, or can be configured to represent All Years.

We would recommend the former option, as this allows to better control features such as Subject Weightings, Exclusions and Display Options throughout the Suite.

  1. Select Administration from the top of the left-hand task panel. 
  2. Select Subject Setup, followed by Subject and Period
  3. Select New to create a new period. 
  4. Select your Reporting Year from the drop-down, and match the Reporting Period that draws through from your Student Information System.

    Note: You will have to repeat these steps for all available Reporting Periods within this Year.

  5. Set your Friendly Result Period Name which will display throughout the Suite. 
  6. Set the Period Order number, ie. how does this particular reporting period fit within the order of this result year?
  7. Identify as an Interim Reporting Period if necessary, ie. Is this a Term or Semester period? If Term, make Interim, and set the corresponding Semester period number as the Superseding Period.
  8. Click Save.