The Learning Analytics Suite has a portal for students. Once student logins have been established in the suite (see User Management: Bulk Synchronisation for Students) then students can login to TrackOne and have access to any of the sections below:

  • Academic Progress
  • Student Timetable
  • Continuous Report
  • Pastoral Care
  • External Results
  • Student Activities
  • Student Awards
  • Student Goal Setting (My Goals)

These options can be added or deleted by editing the Student Role in the Suite (see User Management: User Roles).

The following pages show the student user experience when using the Learning Analytics Suite.

  1. At the sign in screen, the student first enters their network username.
  2. They then enter their network password.
  3. Click the Sign In button.

Home Screen

  1. The student’s menu is on the left-hand side of the screen.
  2. Some basic student information is listed in the Student Passport, including their current GPA and EWL scores.
  3. If a key learning goal has been entered for the current period, it is available in the Learning Reflections window.

Academic Progress

  1. Select Academic Progress from the left-hand menu.
  2. The student’s current subject enrolments are displayed.
  3. The student can also see their current Academic Transcript.
  4. The student’s GPA and Engagement history is also available.
  5. Scrolling down the Academic Progress page reveals further academic data.
  6. The GPA Comparison Summary shows how the student has achieved in each of their subjects in comparison to their subject cohorts. Cohort comparison data is not shown for a cohort size smaller than 13 and can be disabled completely if required.
  7. The Student Subject History can show a student’s achievement in any of their subjects over time. The default setting shows their GPA over time.

Continuous Report

  1. Choose Continuous Report.
  2. The Continual Report table will display the student’s progressive assessments as they are published.
    Note: This is dependent on Continuous Assessment being established in the Learning Analytics Suite.

Pastoral Care

  1. Select Pastoral Care.
  2. Four Pastoral Care graphs are displayed.
  3. The Engagement Comparison Summary displays the student’s engagement in each of their subjects.
  4. The Engagement History Chart displays the student’s EWL score longitudinally.
  5. The Behaviour Analysis Chart displays the student’s behaviour ratings for a given result period.
  6. The Absence History Chart displays the student’s absence history longitudinally.

External Results

  1. Select External Results.
  2. The Assessment Results table will show any of the external results that you have enabled for student display in the Administration > External Results > Assessment Filtering section.
  3. The Result Distribution graphs are Box and Whisker charts of the student’s external results.
  4. The Student Rank (In School) indicates the student’s position graphically for selected external assessments.

Student Activities

  1. Select Student Activities.
  2. If Activities have been set up in the Learning Analytics Suite, then the student will be able to view a list of their activities in descending date order.
    Note: At present activities can only be brought into the Suite from TASS.

My Goals

  1. Select My Goals.
  2. The first tab of the blue menu bar, My Goals, will display the current goal setting pathway.
  3. The second tab, Goal History displays past goal setting pathways.
  4. The student needs to select the green button Start Path to begin the goal setting process.
  5. The following screenshot illustrates some of the question types that can be included in a goal setting pathway.

My Goals - Submitting

  1. At any stage of the goal setting process the student can select Save and Return Later to save their survey and return to it later.
  2. When the goal setting is finished the student can include a note to their staff mentor.
  3. To complete the goal setting pathway the student should select the green button, Submit Now. Notification via email will be sent directly to their staff mentor.