When conducting testing throughout the Learning Analytics Suite, you may find it useful to login as either a Student or Teacher user to give yourself a better idea of how the setup you have produced as an Administrator will appear to those you are releasing Suite access to.

This document will assist you in navigating through the Suite as both an Administrator and a user with fewer permissions enabled in their setup. Prior to making any temporary changes to a user account, we would recommend ensuring that the user has completely signed out of the application until testing has concluded.

Override Network Authentication to Access an Account

  1. Select Administration from the top of the left-hand task panel.
  2. Select User Management, followed by Users.
  3. The User Management page will now appear, and all existing user accounts will be grouped by type (Staff, Students, Parents, System) and are listed to view based upon the user type that you select from the blue bar at the top. We have selected Students.
  4. Select a student account to override by clicking the edit icon on the far right-hand side.
  5. Prior to making any changes to the account, it is a good idea to thoroughly review all current data that is set up. Make a note of the current data in case you need to go back and reverse changes at the end.
  6. Select the edit icon to the right-hand side of Password. The password box will clear of any existing data and you will be required to enter a new password for the user.

    TIP: When setting a temporary password, opt for something simple (eg. password).

    TIP: Make note of the Username and Password.

  7. Ensure the Override Network Authentication box is ticked.

    If this box is not ticked, you will not have access to the account.

  8. Review that all data is correct and that you have made a note of the account details, then select Update User Details.

  9. Logout of the current account and log back in using the student account details you have just changed. You will now have a complete view of what a student can see in the Learning Analytics Suite, and you can review all the areas of the Suite that is available to them.

Reversing the Network Override

  1. Perhaps the most important step to remember is to return the test account back to its former setup. Once your testing has concluded, logout and then log back in with your Administrator account. Return to User Management > Users > Students, search for the student to reverse and click the edit icon.
  2. Untick Override Network Authentication and select Update User Details.

                                    The student test account can now be used by the original user as per normal.