Running the Awards Module

Before running your Awards at the end of a Semester, please check that the following administration tasks have occurred.

  1. From the Analytics Menu, select Awards, and then Awards.
  2. Create an Awards Recipient List for the new Semester by clicking on the blue button titled Create Award Recipient List.

Create an Award Recipient List

  1. Enter a name for the Award Run and the award result year.

  2. Now check that the parameters are correct for each of the Award years. You can edit each of the Award levels by clicking on the edit icon.

Editing your Award Parameters

  1. Clicking on the edit icon for a specific year’s parameters will result in the parameter dialog box being displayed.
  2. Edit any of your parameters that need changing. Note that these parameters are specific to each school.

Setup your Award Subjects

  1. After reviewing the parameters, you need to check that the subject list for each Award is correct (especially if subjects have been added, deleted or re-named). Do this by clicking on the blue Setup Award Subjects button.

Check your Result Periods and Synchronise Subjects

  1. Firstly, check your result period(s). Do they represent the data you want to use for the Award Run? Check the year and period have been updated and the weighting factor is correct. If you need to change the result period or weighting, click the edit icon. Make sure to tick the check box if you are using a progressive result period.
  2. To check for new subjects, click on the blue Synchronise Subjects button. You can also add a specific subject if you know it is missing. You must do this for each result period you are pulling data from.
  3. Tick on the right-hand side to exclude subjects from the Award calculations, add 1 next to a subject for equal weighting. Use the delete icon (X) on the right to remove subjects. Again you must do this for each result period you are pulling data from.

Generate your Award Recipient List

Once you have reviewed the setup and confirmed that all reporting periods, subjects and result mappings are correct, you are ready to generate your Award list.

  1. Give your Award list a meaningful name.
  2. Select the correct cohort result year.
  3. Tick the review checkbox (but only after you have reviewed all parameters and set up your subjects).
  4. Click the green Generate Award Recipient List.

Check and Finalise your Award Recipient List

  1. For each year level of your Award list, check that the data and calculations for one or two students are correct. If class data is missing, check it has been entered into your SIS.
  2. Your Award list, for each year level can be exported to an Excel file.
  3. If you have run the Award list in previous years you can use the Compare with previous to check for changes in the list with a previous year.
  4. When you have finished your checks on your Award List, use the blue Finalise Award Run button to complete the Award list process. Test runs may be deleted at this stage.