Advanced Analysis

The Advanced Analysis section (under the Student Results area) contains information about the student’s performance on external assessment items.

This area may be accessed from the Main Menu (above) or the blue horizontal menu bar. The Main Menu will require the user to search for the student again, whilst the blue bar will automatically populate the page with the currently selected student.

Advanced Analysis → Growth Tool

  1. The blue horizontal menu bar enables the user to move between areas without changing the student.
  2. The current student is shown as a blue dot. All other students in his cohort are represented by grey dots.
  3. The black vertical axis shows the national average scaled score.
  4. The red horizontal axis shows the national average effect size.
  5. Effect size is a measure of student growth, in this case Year 7 to Year 9.
  6. Students above the red line have grown more than the national average.
  7. The dotted black and red lines show the school’s average scores and effect size.
  8. Clicking on the student’s blue dot will let you see their results in a table below the chart.

Advanced Analysis → Comparison Tool

The External Assessment Comparison tool allows teachers to compare students’ results between two assessments (the initial assessment and the latest assessment).

Each student in the group is indicated by a dot with the vertical axis showing the latest assessment result and the horizontal axis showing the initial assessment result. The black line indicates the trend between the two assessments for the cohort. The current student is indicated by the blue dot.