Schedule Tasks allows Administrators or Senior Leaders to generate reports for their staff.  For instance, a Head of Department (e.g. English) may wish to download all of the Student Profile Reports for Year 11 English students.

The Administrator/Senior Leader can queue the reports:

  • For themselves; or
  • For their teachers (and have these sent to the teachers directly).

1. To schedule a task select the blue Create New Report Task button

2. Select the Report Type.

3. Click on the Next link.

4. Select which year level the report covers.

5. Select the enrolment period.

6. Select the Subjects.

7. Click on the Next link.

8. Select the Report Type.

9. Click on the Next link.

10. Select the frequency and a start date for the report.

11. Click on the Next link.

12. Name the Task.

13. Click on the Create Task button.