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Training Options

All user training is available by:

  • webinar 
  • onsite at your school (travel costs apply)

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Topic 1: Administering the Learning Analytics Suite - Concepts

Session Length: 2 Hours | Price: $550 ex. GST 


This session has been designed to give your school’s TrackOne administrator a clear insight into the concepts and setup behind the Learning Analytics Suite. 

Administration areas covered: 

• Analytics Setup 





Result Groups 

• Subject Setup 

Subject and Period 

Subject Exclusions 

Linking Subjects 

• General Setup 

Absence Grouping 

Risk Identification Rules 

• User Management 


Bulk User Sync 


• Result Entry

Topic 2: An Introduction to the Learning Analytics Suite

Session Length: 2 Hours | Price: $550 ex. GST  

For a user who are new to the Learning Analytics Suite, this session is a great all-round introduction to the Suite and is a good starting point to get a new teacher looking at their class data. 

Topics covered: 

• Accessing Student Results (School Results, Pastoral Results and External Results: NAPLAN, iCAS etc). 

• Printing Student Profiles. 

• Accessing Class Results Through the Class Summary and the Class Overview. 

• Planning Student and Class Goals Using the Class Placemat. 

• Understanding the Data Displays: Box and Whisker Charts, Colour Coding. 

• Understanding External Data Results: Stanines, Bands, Graphical Representation

Topic 3: Analysing Data using the Learning Analytics Suite

Session Length: 2 Hours | Price: $550 ex. GST 

This session is aimed at senior and curriculum leaders who would like to use the Learning Analytics Suite to analyse student, class and cohort performance. 

Areas of analysis covered: 

• Internal School Data 

• Class Summary/Class Distribution 

• Class Overview 

• Cohort Results/Cohort Analysis 

• Subject Results/Subject Analysis 

• Cohort Reports 

• External Results 

• Assessment Analysis 

- What is Effect Size? 

- Performance Progress (effect size) 

- Academic Comparison 

- Performance at Risk

• NAPLAN Analysis

- Result Monitoring 

- State Comparison

Topic 4: Administering the Learning Analytics Suite - Deep Dive

Session Length: 4 Hours | Price: $1,100 ex. GST 


This session will provide your TrackOne Administrator with an in-depth look at the setup of your school’s Learning Analytics Suite. 

This will include the following administration areas: 

• Analytics Setup 

• Subject Setup 

• General Setup 

• User Management 

• Entering External Results

Topic 5: Academic Mentoring & Wellbeing: Setup, Examples and Best Practice

Session Length: 2 Hours | Price: $550 ex. GST 


This session has been designed as an introduction to the Academic Mentoring and Wellbeing modules of the Learning Analytics Suite. It is aimed at the curriculum or pastoral leader who oversees student goal setting and wellbeing the school. 

Topics covered: 

• What is the Academic Mentoring Workflow? 

• An Example from a Student Perspective 

• Setting a Pathway 

• Setting a Pathway Year Level 

Additional Supervisors 


Primary Question 

Pathway Questions – Reflection 

Academic Goals Setup 

Academic Goal Questions 

Other Goals 

Other Goal Questions 

Reflection Questions 

• Pathway Questions 

Types of Questions: Text, Number Picker, Custom Value Picker, Select One, Select Many 

• Reflection Questions

• Mentors

Topic 6: An Introduction to the Awards Module

Session Length: 2 Hours | Price: $550 ex. GST 


This session is aimed at senior and curriculum leaders who currently oversee the generation of awards for their school (Academic Excellence, Academic Improvement, Engagement Awards etc). The session will show how the Learning Analytics Suite’s Awards Module can automate what is often a tedious and time-consuming job. 

Topics covered: 

• What is the Awards Module? 

• Steps to Implementation of the Awards Module 

• Examples of Data that can be Used to Calculate Awards 

• Weightings and Exclusions 

• Timeline for Implementation 

• What Does the Administrator Need to Do?


Topic 7: An Introduction to MarkBook Sync

Session Length: 2 Hours | Price: $550 ex. GST 


This session is designed for curriculum leaders or administration staff who oversee the moderation and synchronisation of their progressive results from TrackOne to their Student Management System. This training session requires an implementation of a Learning Management sync and is targeted to new staff to the sync process or existing staff that need a refresher.

Topics Covered:

  • LMS to TrackOne overview
  • Class Markbook
  • Markbook Submissions
  • Criteria Comparison
  • Markbook Sync
  • TrackOne to SMS overview



Session Length: TBC | Price: $275 per hour ex. GST 

Do you have something else in mind that you would like to cover in a one-on-one session? We are happy to tailor a session to meet your needs.
Email the helpdesk outlining what you would like to cover in a personalised session and this can be arranged.