Tracking Student Wellbeing

Length: 2 Hours

Dates: 3rd & 17th May

In this Small Group Training, we will work through how to make the most of the Student Wellbeing Module.

This module allows you to prompt students to reflect on their wellbeing via short ‘pulse’ surveys that can be scheduled on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis.

Results are collected and visible as individual student or class summary data, or can be investigated on a cohort or whole-school level via the dedicated Wellbeing Dashboard.

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Student Goal-Setting

Length:     2 Hours

Dates:     10th & 24th May

This Small Group Training will cover the implementation and use of the Academic Mentoring Pathways module to facilitate periodic goal setting.


Provide a customised goal-setting structure for students to follow as they create and track individual goals, separate to or alongside their academic results.


The Academic Mentoring module can be used to: set goals, engage students, and improve student and school academic performance.

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