Session 1: Focus Student Configuration and Use Session

Length: 2 Hours

Dates: 12th and 19th of October  

Deep dive into the setup and use ‘Focus Student’ concept in the Learning Analytics Suite. Learn how to identify at risk students and automatically notify relevant staff using trend analysis and configurable rules across academic, attendance and wellbeing related data.

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Session 2: TrackOne Administration Maintenance

Length:     2 Hours

Dates:     16th and 23rd of November

This session has been designed to give your school’s TrackOne administrator a clear insight into the ongoing administration and maintenance of the Learning Analytics Suite, such as: 

  • School Calendar Overrides (Timetabling Period) 
  • Period Management 
  • Subject Linking 
  • Subject Weightings / Exclusions 
  • Absence Grouping 
  • Incident Grouping 
  • Touch on Overall Results 
  • Behaviour 
  • Engagement 
  • Result group maintenance 

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