New developments and improvements:

  • The Class Summary scheduled task (Analytics > Reports > Schedule Task) has an additional parameter check box called 'Concise Class Summary' which produces a condensed version of the Class Summary report.

  • The Subject Result Movement report (Analytics > Subject Analysis > Subject Result Movement) can now include result movement between subjects/subject baskets and their soft linked subjects.

  • The Academic to External Comparison report now offers the option to compare the Overall Result for a year level of students (GPA) against an external assessment.

  • We have provided control over whether assessment comments should display in the Continual Report screen (Subject Results > Subject Summary > Continual Report):
    • Administrator's can determine whether assessment comments should display by the following options in Admin > Configuration > Continuous:
      Continuous Comments:
      • Allow users to view continuous comments and set the comments to display by default on first entry to the continuous assessment area. Users can toggle to hide comments.
      • Allow users to view continuous comments but hide the comments by default on first entry to the continuous assessment area. Users can toggle to view comments.
      • Remove continuous assessment comments from being viewable in the Suite.
    • When either of the first two options are selected, a check box displays in the Continual Report screen (Subject Results > Subject Summary > Continual Report) called 'Show assessment comments', and the user can toggle the switch to show or hide assessment comments accordingly.

  • The Cohort Pastoral Summary report (Analytics > Reports > Pastoral > Cohort Pastoral Summary) can now be run for all years at once, rather than per year level.

  • For schools syncing Teachers, Student and/or Parents from a SIS, you now have the following controls in Administration > User Management > User Sync Setup and in Users > Bulk User Synchronisation:
    1. Overwrite existing user details including roles
    2. Overwrite existing user details excluding roles

  • A new security option has been added in Administration > User Management > Roles 'View all alerts/tasks' to allow TrackOne administrators to view all alerts and/or tasks created by other users.

  • CANVAS users can access a 'Student Feedback' tab in Administration > Configuration > Continuous which provides settings to manage the workflow of student response to assessment feedback.

  • Scheduled Absence Alerts now include the absence reasons.

  • External assessment cutoffs can now be set and colour coded per period eg Term / Semester (Admin > External Assessment > Assessment Cutoffs).

  • The ? that shows in the TrackOne Studio Markbook prior to results being entered can now be changed to your preferred icon in Administration > Configuration > Application > Activate Features and Display Options: 'Unknown result override (default is '?'):'

Mentoring Pathways

  • The character limit in the 'Year Level Instructions' section in Admin > Mentoring Pathways > Pathways Year Levels has been increased from 1,000 to 4,000, so you can now provide students with more information on setting their academic or Wellbeing goals.

  • Student Year Levels and Homeroom columns have been added to some reports (Analytics > Reports > Pathways > Detailed Wellbeing Goals Report and 'Detailed Wellbeing Pathway Report'. You can also see these columns showing in Analytics > Pastoral Care> Student Wellbeing > Student Progressive Wellbeing.

Soft Skills 

  • Improvements to email functionality so that all fields are populated for the recipient.

  • The 'Pending Requests' screen (Analytics > Pastoral Care > Soft Skills) now shows all details as per the student form. Student requests can be approved or rejected, or activity involvement edited as required.

  • Each activity criteria can have a point value associated with it, entered directly on the landing page Admin > Soft Skills > Activity Setup > Manage Activities and is linked to the approval process (at least one point must be associated with the activity criteria).

  • A new Activity type called 'Student Generated Activity' is available and allows students to create an activity request. These must be approved by the Default Supervisor before being recorded against the student.

  • The Activities data located in Analytics > Student Results > Pastoral Results and in Student Portal > Soft Skills can now be exported to Excel.

Coming soon:

  • Student Profile Report Customisation – you will have some control over many of the components within each profile report. For example, you may choose to show your ACER data instead of your NAPLAN data, or you may like one of the reports but want to hide one (or more) of the components. Keep an eye on future release notes for more details about this one.

  • New configuration page - your TrackOne Studio administrators will have access to some of the settings that are currently hidden in the backend, giving you even more control over your sites.