User Logging

Learning Analytics Suite administrators will now have access to detailed information about how staff, students, and parents are accessing and utilising the Learning Analytics Suite through the new User Logging module. This new module will record the name of the user accessing the Suite, the pages they visited (including the time spent on each page), and the role they had which allowed them to access the page. This will be a great addition to the Suite as it will allow administrators to better understand how teachers are using the Suite and direct training accordingly.


Deeper LMS Integration (Schoolbox and Canvas)

To enhance flexibility, Schoolbox result data which is pulled into the Suite can now be gathered and combined across calendar years with the introduction of “work-type targeting”. Work-type targeting now allows Learning Analytics Suite administrators to include multiple Schoolbox periods in a Learning Analytics Suite mark book period and target only those specific summative work-types required. This will greatly assist schools moving to Unit based reporting where assessment items to be included fall across calendar years or semesters.


The Learning Analytics Suite now supports Schoolbox Cloud customers. If your instance of Schoolbox is currently in the cloud or you are considering moving Schoolbox to the cloud we have you covered. The latest release of the Learning Analytics Suite allows for the connection of locally hosted and cloud hosted Schoolbox instances.


Canvas customers will see further enhancements to the Learning Analytics Suite mark book with additional support for Canvas projects, weightings, and hidden assessment items. Canvas customers will also be able to take advantage of the new My Assessment Schedule component in the Parent and Student Portals which will allow users to view upcoming and completed assessment items from within the Suite.


Parent Portal and Student Portal Configuration

The latest release of the Learning Analytics Suite includes enhanced controls to allow administrators to customise the information presented to parent and students through the Portals. As well as controlling which external assessment items students and parents can access, administrators can determine how much historical data can be accessed, whether to show GPA result data, absentee data, and behavioural data. With more and more schools making educational analytical data available to parents and students these changes will make tailoring the right solution for your school community even easier.


Student Profile Report Customisation

Big changes are coming to student profile reports in 2023 and the latest release of the Learning Analytics Suite starts off by including additional controls to allow schools to manage the makeup of these reports. Learning Analytics Suite administrators will now be able to directly customise what external assessment items are included and where they should appear on each student profile report. Administrators will also see new options in the Scheduled Task area to allow distribution of reports via Heads of House and Deputy Heads of House.


TrackOne Studio Forum

It’s time to connect! In parallel to the release of Version 23.1 of the Learning Analytics Suite the TrackOne Studio forum will be go live. This will be a place for the community to connect and share ideas about educational data analysis and best practice. We welcome you to reach out and connect to other TrackOne Studio customers. To help build the community a link to the forum will also be included within the Learning Analytics Suite for staff to access.