At the beginning of each year, the TrackOne Studio support team carefully reviews your instance of the Learning Analytics Suite to ensure it is ready for the new academic year. As every year and every school is a little different, here are a few things you should check in the Administration area to ensure the Suite is running smoothly. 

Remember that for each of the areas highlighted below a more detailed administration guide is available.

If you have any questions or concerns at all, contact our support team via:

Phone: 07 3831 6590 


1. School Calendar Overrides

Configuration > School > School Calendar Setup: School Semester Terminology


This table maps your semesters, terms, and units to ensure that the correct enrolment information is displayed in the Suite. Review the time period names, term or semester numbers, the from and to dates, and the associated year levels. 

If you need to edit the information, click the edit icon or click New to add a new period of time. 

Note the following:

  • These dates will not necessarily match your school terms directly.
  • The date ranges should cover the entire year and cannot overlap. The end of one term should correspond to the beginning of the next (leaving no gaps in the date ranges).

2. Archive Year Levels
Configuration > Year Levels > Archive Year Levels

**This area is only relevant to schools running TASS.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you have completed the Student Rollover in TASS BEFORE performing this step. If this is not done first, student results will show out of order in TrackOne.

  • Select 'Manage Student Year Levels'
  • In the 'Valid Result Periods' table, click Edit for each result period where Valid = blank.

    Click Update

    Ensure there is a 'Y' entry in the Valid column for each result period.

  • Have you rolled Student Year Levels yet: Yes - School Year is 2024
    Generate for Result Year(s): All Years
    Click 'Generate Year Levels' then 'OK'.

This may take several minutes to complete.

Without archiving the previous year's data, students results in TrackOne will appear out of order or in incorrect years.

3. Result Mapping
Analytics Setup > Overall Result > Criteria / Engagement / Behaviour

This area of the Suite ensures that the application can map all the results (overall, criteria, engagement, and behaviour) you record in your Student Information System. 

If you are planning to record academic or behavioural results differently this year (for any year level) you should review the mappings in this area. 

Remember, in most cases, if a result is not appearing in the Suite, then the mapping is missing from this area. As this area of the Suite can be particularly complex you may wish to consult with the Help Desk before making any changes.

4.  Result Period Maintenance
Period Setup > Period Management

Maintain your result periods here, such as which users should see which periods, the order they should display, and the name of the period as you want them to appear in the Suite.
If not properly maintained, results may appearing incorrectly, out of order, and potentially visible to the wrong people. 

Ensure that:

  • All reporting periods available in your Student Information System have been added.
  • Each reporting period is ordered correctly.
  • The reporting periods access is set correctly for teacher, parent, and student access.

Tip: Use the Period Filtering screen to list any result periods that do not need to display at all within the Suite.

5.  Subject Weightings
Subject Setup > Subject Weightings

If you use subject weightings in the calculation of your GPA, ensure that any these have been set for the new result periods. 

First select a result period in the top table, then set the GPA Properties for each year level. Weightings can be copied from a previous result period by using the ‘Copy Properties’ option.

Repeat for all result periods.

6.  Subject Linking
Subject Setup > Subject Linking

This area looks after the direct and indirect links between subject codes so that student result trends can be established for subject areas.

Use this icon to view and add subjects to a group.
Use this icon to access options, and also to add soft-links to subjects.

If you have any new subjects being offered, ensure they appear in this list. 

Check also that, once created, they are added to the correct Subject Baskets (if applicable).


  • If you find any subjects with inconsistent longitudinal data or missing historical periods, this is the place to look.
  • Export the Subject Links list via the excel icon for a breakdown of Subject Links, Subject Baskets, Unlinked Subjects, and Duplicate Subjects.

7.  Subject Creation
Subject Setup > Subject Creation

**This area is only relevant to schools running the Synergetic Student Information System.

This is where TrackOne is told which classes belong to which subject, as this concept is not sent from Synergetic.

TrackOne analyses incoming classes and does its best to allocate classes to subjects, but occasionally new classes can be allocated to the wrong subjects. Review the list of subjects and ensure the classes within each subject are correct.

If you are seeing unexpected classes showing when filtering by subject throughout the suite, such as ‘Class Summary’, it is an indication that maintenance in this area may be required.

8.  User Management
User Management > Users

Review the list of staff, student, and parent accounts to ensure the correct people have access to the Suite, and at the correct permission level.

If you are using the automated user sync feature then new staff, students, and parents (depending upon your setup) will automatically be created or removed as syncs from your Student Information System occur.

If you are not using the automated user sync feature, you will need to remove users manually and use the Bulk User Synchronise tool to import new users.