This document will guide you through the process of configuring the Learning Analytics Suite to authenticate via Azure AD (Office 365).

Azure Active Directory Admin Centre 

Registering the Application 

  • To begin, navigate to the Azure Active Directory Admin Centre.

  • Select App Registration from the right-hand menu.
  • Under App Registrations, select New Registration
  • Enter the application Name, Supported Account Types, and Redirect URI
    (e.g. https://[school domain]/LearningAnalytics/AuthServices/Acs)
  • Click Register.

Once the application is registered the following screen will appear (if not, click on the name of the newly registered app).

  • Select Endpoints
  • Copy the Federation metadata document address for use later. 
  • Copy the Application (client) ID and the Directory (tenant) ID for use later. 
  • Click Branding.

  • In the Branding window enter the Home page URL (e.g. https://[School Domain]/LearningAnalytics/).
    You may also wish to upload a logo. 

Assigning Users and Groups to the Application

  • Click Enterprise Applications on the left-hand menu.
  • Search for the Learning Analytics Suite application.
  • Select the Learning Analytics Suite.

  • Click Users and groups.
  • Click Add user.

  • Select the Users or groups which should have access to the application.
  • Click Assign. 

Learning Analytics Suite Administration

In the Learning Analytics Suite:

  • Navigate to Administration > Configuration > System.
  • Authentication Type - Select 'Single Sign On – SAML2'

Using the information recorded earlier, enter the WS Federation Metadata document location, Client ID, and Identity Provider (this should be entered in the format[Directory (tenant) ID/) and click Save Configuration. 

In the Learning Analytics Suite:

  • Navigate to Administration > User Management >Users. 
  • Ensure an account exists for each user in the correct format (e.g. email address). User accounts can be updated using the Bulk User Synchronise tool.

  • Exit the application by closing the browser. 
  • Restart the application pool in IIS.
  • Open a new browser window and navigate to the Learning Analytics Suite. 

You should be directed to sign in via Azure AD if not already authenticated. 


For further assistance please contact the TrackOne Studio Help Desk via email ( or phone (07 3831 6590).