TASS schools

There are various places throughout Teacher Kiosk where a link to TrackOne Studio can display. Each link opens to the relevant screen in TrackOne.

Add a link in TASS.web to TrackOne:

  • In TASS.web, navigate to System Admin > Utilities > API Gateway Maintenance

  • On the 'External API's' tab, click 'View' for the 'TrackOne Studio Integration' API

  • Click Edit

  • Enter the TrackOne Studio URL (administrators can find this in TrackOne: Administration > General Setup > Link Management > Inbound Links eg https://trackone.school.edu.au/LearningAnalytics/

  • Tick which portals should have a link to Track One:
    • Staff Kiosk
    • Staff Kiosk Markbook
    • Parent Lounge
    • Student Cafe

  • Update TrackOne user Roles to include 'Allow External Deep Links' (Administration > User Management > Roles)

Refer to the TASS guide: TrackOne Integration Checklist

Add a link to the Analytics home page within TrackOne Studio to an external location:

  • In TrackOne, navigate to Administration > General Setup > Link Management

  • Enter the link display text and select an image.