Cloudwork configuration

The following details were provided by Cloudwork and were correct at the time. Please contact Cloudwork if clarification on the set up is required.

  1. Login to Cloudwork dashboard
  2. Navigate to Single Sign On>Add New Service>Custom SAML Service
  3. Fill out the form:

    Name: Trackone
    Entity ID:    [trackonedomain]/LearningAnalytics
    NameID Value:   User Name
    NameID Format:   Unspecified
    - [trackonedomain]/LearningAnalytics/AuthServices/Acs
    - [trackonedomain]/learninganalytics/LoginSSO.aspx

  4. Click Submit
  5. Click Services
  6. Select Trackone from Services list
  7. In SAML Config, click Edit
  8. Under Signature Algorithm, select SHA256
  9. Click Submit

TrackOne configuration

  • Navigate to Administration > Configuration > System
  • 'Staff Authentication Type': Select Single Sign On - SAML 2
  • Under the SSO section, enter the details provided by Cloudwork.

Two samples are provided below (identifying information removed).