The following changes were released on 1/5/24.

New developments and improvements:

  • Student Group filters have been added to the following screens:
    • Analytics > External Assessment > Assessment Results > Result Distribution
    • Analytics > External Assessment > Assessment Comparison > External to External Comparison

TASS schools

  • Parents marked with the 'Deceased' flag in TASS now display in TrackOne with the text '(DECEASED)' after their name.

Synergetic schools

  • You can now sync your TrackOne site to a particular campus.
    The new option can be found in the Administration section, Data Synchronisation > Synergetic Sync Setup via the 'Synergetic Campus' filter option.

Edumate schools

  • Multiple outcomes now display in Student Results > Pastoral Care > Incidents.
  • Students House codes now display in Class Summary.