Specifying Supervisors for a Year Level

  1. Login to the Learning Analytics Suite using your network username and password.
  2. On the left-hand side menu choose Administration > Academic Mentoring > Pathway Year Levels.
  3. Edit the required Pathway Year Level.
  4. Your Pathway Supervisors will be listed in a table under the pathway workflow options.
  5. To enter another supervisor, click the Add a Supervisor button.

  6. Select a Teacher and enter their role.
  7. Click the Update button.

Supervisor's View of Goal Setting

  1. On the left-hand side menu choose Class Tools > Class Goals.
  2. The pathways supervisor(s) will see an extra tab to the page, Student Management.
  3. Choose the relevant pathway and year level.
  4. All the students for the year level chosen will be displayed.
  5. The supervisor can see the status of all the students and can restart a student’s goal setting.
  6. The supervisor can search for a student.
  7. The supervisor can save the pathway status report as an Excel spreadsheet.
  8. The supervisor can print the pathway status report.

Manually Adjusting Mentors

  1. Select Administration, then Academic Mentoring > Mentors.
  2. A checkbox allows a supervisor to enable teachers other than the Homeroom/Form teacher to be assigned as mentors.
  3. Choose the required Year Level.
  4. New mentors can be set on the right-hand side by choosing from the drop down.
    Note: The suite will automatically set the student mentors to their Homeroom or Form teachers.

Resetting the Student Data in a Pathway

WARNING: This procedure will delete ALL the student data in a Pathway.

  1. Select Administration, then Academic Mentoring > Purge Students.
  2. Select the required Goal Setting Period.
  3. Choose the Year level that you want to delete the student responses from by selecting the green arrow of the corresponding row.
  4. Click the blue Remove all students button.
  5. The following dialog box will be displayed.

  6. Type PURGE STUDENTS into the Verify Student Deletion text box.
  7. Select the blue Execute Student Deletion button.