This document outlines the steps and available options to set up the Learning Analytics Suite for student access.

These do not necessarily have to be done in this order, and some steps may not need to be completed depending on your current configurations.

  • Create a Student security role.
    (Admin > User Management > Roles)
    Tick relevant student permissions. Return to this screen to adjust as necessary.

  • Create a test student.
    (Admin > User Management > Users > Students)
    Enter a real student code so that their child's details will display.

  • Log in as the test student.
    (Check all other points on this list, as some other tasks may need to be completed first depending on your setup).
    Use a private window or different browser. Review all areas. Adjust permissions and options as required. Refresh to see results.

  • Enable result periods for students.
    (Admin > Period Setup > Period Management)

  • Review: Student Portal Options
    (Admin > Configuration > Portals > Student Portal Options)
    Adjust as required.

  • Review: User Fields
    (Admin > General Setup > User Fields)
    Each field which has the 'Show in Student and Parent Portals' toggle on will display in the 'Student Passport' section.

  • Review: Messages
    (Admin > Configuration > Messages)
    This message displays on the Student Portal Home screen.

  • Review: Activate Features and Display options
    (Admin > Configuration > Application > Activate Features and Display options)

  • Review: External assessments
    (Admin > External Assessment > Assessment Filtering)
    Tick which providers and their criteria should display in the student portal for the Student Role.

  • Sync students as per your preferred method.
    (Admin > User Management > Students > Bulk User Synchronise and/or Admin > User Management > User Sync Setup)

  • TASS schools: Add links in TASS.web for display in Student Cafe, or in Schoolbox / or other appropriate system/s.
    Refer to Link Management - Inbound and Outbound